Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Death By Design

Okay, not a great cover. Definitely not great. Nancy looks a lot older than eighteen and there's something really wrong with her face and hair. Plus Bess (if that's her in the background) doesn't look great.

The Case: Pretty young designer Kim Daley has been receiving death threats, and she's called Nancy to Chicago to investigate. At first it seems like a simple case, but then the competition suddenly gets murderous. Kim's pet dog is poisoned - and so is Nancy!

Nancy has seventy-two hours to find the killer and find a life saving antidote, or she'll be DOA - Dead On Arrival!

The Suspects: Morgan Daley - Kim's younger sister has every reason to hate her arrogant sibling.

Paul Lavalle - the handsome fashion photographer is still in love with Kim, but she keeps brushing him off.

Lina Roccocini - Kim's archrival is jealous of her success and wants Paul for herself.

Contact: Teen fashion designer Kim Daley calls Nancy to help her find the would-be killer sending her death threats.

Complications: Nancy's been poisoned and has only seventy-two hours to find the killer - and a life saving antidote!

My Review: Excellent book. This is one of my favorites. The plot was excellent, and plus in this book Nancy didn't get to be Miss Super Woman like she does in most of the others. She seems more human. Anyway, yes, this book is definitely worth reading. It's great.

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