Thursday, March 27, 2014

False Moves

Not bad. Nancy appears to be wearing makeup for the first time. I'm not sure who the guy in the background is - maybe Belinda's partner, Andre? And there's the thief, lurking in the background. Also, what exactly is Nancy doing wearing a leather skirt? Interesting.
The case:

A gala ballet becomes the turning point for a million-dollar jewel heist
A daring thief has managed to snatch the fabulous Raja diamond from a dancer's costume - right in front of a national TV audience. Although Ned and Nancy have split up, Ned asks her to investigate. The bad news is, he expects Nancy to clear his new girlfriend, the rising young ballerina who was onstage when the theft occurred.
Once the chase is on, Nancy discovers that the old magic with Ned is still there. And she can certainly use his help on the case. For one thing, she has too many suspects - from the ballet company's feuding directors to its star ballerina. But most disturbing of all is the mysterious black-clad figure stalking Nancy's every move.

The suspects:
James Ellsworth - managing director of the ballet company. It was his idea to use the diamond as a publicity stunt. Or was it really his elaborate plan to steal it?
 Ana Lokhar - trusted representative of the Raja family. Does her secret romance with dancer Andre Bernarde have anything to do with the diamond's disappearance?
 Kayta Alexandrovna - undisputed star of the company. She was wearing the diamond when it was snatched. Could she be the thief?
 Belinda Morrison - rising young ballerina and Ned's new flame. She'll let nothing sidetrack her career - and let no one come between her and Ned.

Complications: It's hard for Nancy to keep her mind on her work  with Ned around. Nancy's new boyfriend, Brad Eastman, just can't take his place. And then there's the ominous figure in black, stalking Nancy's every move.

Contact: Ned Nickerson. He wants Nancy on the case - to clear his new girlfriend.
Setting: Chicago

This was a very good book, although I wish Nancy and Ned were back together. Honestly I don't understand why Ned would fall for Belinda. She's your typical selfish, I'm-in-love-with-my-career type of girl. And Ned's so level headed and sensible it's hard to believe he can't see that. Ah well. He dumps her in the end. Mwahahaha!
 All in all a very good book. It was funny to see Nancy so jealous. She practically wants to kill Belinda by the second chapter. She literally thinks I hope she falls flat on her face on the third page when she's watching Belinda perform. And when she's asked by Ned to investigate, she thinks I'm going to find out who's responsible for this crime. And if it's you, Belinda Morrison, I'm going to make sure the entire city of Chicago finds out about it. Fast. And then what will happen to your precious career?
I mean, she really hates the girl and she's green with jealousy throughout the book. It was so funny to read about it.
Unfortunately I haven't read the next book, Buried Secrets, but I hope to soon. It ought to be gooood.

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