Thursday, March 27, 2014

Two Points to Murder

I present to you the cover. Is it just me, or is there something wrong with Nancy's face? And what's up with her hair? I'm also not sure about the all-green outfit she's wearing. Anyway, I'm not sure who the guy in the background is. It can't be the coach, Pat Burnett, because he's described as having silvery gray hair and in his late fifties. Hmm. And there's the dummy in the background. Apparently no one's taken it down. What confuses me is that in the book, it says that a sign was painted on the front of it saying 'Death To The Wildcats!' when in fact there is no sign at all. All I can make out are the words 'si' on the front.
Okay here's the case:

If Nancy solves this case, she'll lose Ned - for good
All Nancy has to do is catch the practical joker who's terrorizing the Emerson College basketball team - the team Ned plays for. But then the jokes turn deadly - and Nancy's main suspect is Ned's best friend!
When Nancy tells Ned her suspicions, he blows up. He says she's forgotten how to trust people and he wants her to leave Mike alone. Nancy can't stop now - too many people are getting hurt. But if she solves this case, can she hold on to the boy she loves?

Again, very true to the story. I actually hated this book mainly because Nancy and Ned are fighting, and I'm a huge Ned fan. I'll tell you this - they do end up breaking up. Temporarily, though. Don't worry.
The suspects:
Mike O'Shea - co-captain of the team and Ned's good friend. Ned swears he's innocent. So why is there incriminating evidence in his room?
Ray Ungar - he was dropped from the team for bad grades. Now he's bitter. Would he sabotage the Wildcats for revenge?
Tom Stafford - student council president. He's on a crusade to get the athletics budget cut. How far is he willing to go - all the way to murder?

So basically Nancy suspects Ned's best friend and team member, Mike O'Shea, and when she tells Ned her suspicions he really hits the roof. They have a really big fight, one that doesn't end up being resolved by the end of the book. Nancy's dead set on catching the prankster, who may very well be Mike O'Shea, and Ned's furious at her for thinking such horrible things about his teammate. I have to admit Nancy really does mess up in this book. I mean, she almost gets herself killed just trying to prove that she's right. And she even suspects Ned of being bribed to sabotage his own team. Ned! I really don't blame him for getting furious. He saved Nancy's life plenty of times and he's an excellent boyfriend, and yet she still suspects of being involved in dirty tricks. Ugh. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy.
   So anyway at the end Nancy and Ned do end up breaking up. Ned tells Nancy he feels unappreciated, that she takes him for granted, and that she's forgotten how to trust people. He says they can still try to be friends, but that they should see other people. And then he walks off and Nancy starts crying.
Actually this is a very good book; suspenseful, exciting. The only reason I disliked it was the Nancy and Ned part. But it really is a good mystery book.
  And on to False Moves.

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